Theraputic Vs Stage Shows

Most people have very little understanding of what hypnosis is and what they do know is generally obtained by their seeing a Stage Show Hypnotist. They have seen people “under the hypnotists control”. People dancing like chickens, performing funny activities or thinking that they are a child again.

A stage hypnotist will always choose the most extrovert and suggestible members of the audience and in reality, they usually volunteer – ensuring that they are willing participants. A major part of the illusion is that the audience is generally thinking that they would not do what the people on stage are doing, so these people must be under the hypnotists “control.” This is a misperception of the truth. Everyone on the stage can stand up and walk off at any stage that they chose to do so and only the extroverts will allow themselves to remain on stage and perform. They know what they are getting themselves into and they want to perform and take part in the act. The hypnotist may even make Peer pressure work for him when he declares that only unintelligent and boring people can’t be hypnotised.  Would you want to walk off the show at that stage?

Most people simply cannot be hypnotised to the point of seeing people or items that really are not there. An hypnotic trance increases our powers of focus and imagination and allows us to relax and to focus on the part of our brain that is responsible for our habits and urges.

There is now a large and growing use of hypnosis being used for therapeutic purposes instead of for stage shows and entertainment. Therapeutic and entertainment hypnosis are two totally different things. A clinical hypnotherapist does not attempt to have his Patient ‘under’ his control. The clinical hypnotherapist will aim to assist in placing suggestions into the unconscious mind of his patient. The patient has agreed beforehand that he specifically wants these thoughts and is totally willing to accept the assistance. So….if you REALLY want to stop smoking then your unconscious mind will accept this suggestion. You should however be aware that since no patient is “under control”, he or she  is free to reject these suggestions. That is why unless you really wish to stop smoking, lose weight, improve at public speaking, or whatever, a non-committed person will not benefit from hypnotherapy, apart from the relaxation side of it.

Millions upon millions of people will swear that self-hypnosis has helped them with many issues such as weight loss, quitting smoking, other addictions, confidence, phobias, stress, sleep, success, and many more things. It is simple, pleasureable and inexpensive so why not try it today?

Too many people are missing out on these powerful yet safe therapeutic tools because they are too afraid to use them. I truly hope that you learn to feel more comfortable and at ease with hypnotherapy and self-hypnosis. It is natural, it is healthy and it has been proven to be successful.

1. Pick a Time & Place

Choose a safe place to listen to your hypnosis CD or hypnosis download. Choose somewhere where you can relax without being disturbed for 20-25 minutes. Many people like to listen to our self hypnosis CDs and downloads before bedtime – but everyone is different.

2. Listen, Relax, Enjoy

Put on some headphones (highly recommended) and lay back and listen to the hypnotherapy session. Just relax and let go, trying not to think consciously of what is being said. Your unconscious (subconscious) mind will do all the positive work on your behalf.

3. Repeated Listening

Repeated listening - We recommend you listen to the hypnosis CD or hypnosis download everyday for the first week. We then suggest you listen every other day for the following three weeks for maximum positive benefit.